Flatcoated puppy plans spring 2016!!

Again we look forward to puppies and hope that this can bring good representatives of this great breed.
I always want to find dogs that are good match and hopefully get a similar litter where health, 
mentality, exterior and work go hand in hand.

"Nora" Is an exceptionally lovely dog that roam freely on the farm.
She has a good exterior with retriever properties only used in training here at home.
She is very quiet and has a nice on-off switch.
"Neisti" He is a grandson of my famous Elding and all of her offspring over generations are a guarantee for marvelous workers"... 
He is VDH CH with 2 spare CAC from Sweden and 3 prizes hunting, and he is proficient in practical hunting...

INTERESTING!? Please contact us :)

VDHCH Silkmann`s castle No One`s Better No 10

Himmelske Honoria

VDHCH Silkmann`s castle No One`s Better No 10 SE VCH SEU(u)CH EUW-10 C.I.E. NOUCH KBHV-09 VV-10  Caci`s A Boy Like Daddy SE U(U)CH Caci's Black Shadow 
Caci's Why Should I Work
VDH CH Elding`s Fire No.8 Of Silkmann`s Castle DK UCH Black Amandas Gambler Man 
A Number Thirteen Of Silkmann`s Castle
Honoria (res.CC)
Boppalooza Jungman Jansson
Almanza Sharp Shooter 
SU(u)CH NUCH NV-05 Boppalooza När Du Dansar 
Kvasneset's Frøken Lisa(CC) N UCH Bezonian Eau De Vie
Kvasneset's Ayla (CC)


Valpene blir registrert i NKK, vaksinert, helseundersøkelse, id-merket & de får flere makkurer...
Som valpekjøper får dere også med en godt utfyllt valpeperm og et teppe til valpen...


Kennel Kvasneset
Anja og Tom Haugen
Villemhaugen 7, N-6030 LANGEVÅG
Anja: 900 18 619 - Tom: 941 54 947



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